You Need a Different Measuring Stick

March 20, 2015 Paradigm 0 Comments

“If you can’t measure it, it doesn’t exist.”

One of the fundamental principles in almost any field of science.

The reality is, though, anything can be measured with the right measuring stick.

And, just to be thorough, it’s not only science that uses this rule: business, education, and even religion all have a similar standard – I’m just a social scientist by nature, and love throwing myself under the bus first. At least I can say I was the first one on the ride, as I dust myself off. And, of course, I get to watch everyone else – which is an admittedly lovely bonus, (almost) no matter what decisions they make.

Anyway, that’s neither here nor there, right now.

Simply put, to need proof before belief is a choice in human nature that is often made. So anything that is human-made can exhibit the same principles.

That’s very often why new things are created. To prove that we can do it.

And in doing so you & I also create a new thing with which to measure – the universe, the unknown, and ourselves.

For lack of a more all-encompassing term, we create a new “Measuring Stick”.

And we need it. Not just for our new creations but our old ones as well.

We need them for society to grow…just as we need them for ourselves to grow.

Measuring Sticks are not made to define anything – not how long, how impactful, or how “great” anything is.

That is one of the great misnomers of life.

Just ask yourself why you (or a handy contractor) measures a corner or wall Before installing a new piece to a home.

It’s not because the number of centimeters or inches that he records have some sort of imbedded code to the perfect living room that will jump directly into his or her brain upon completing usage of a measuring device!

It is because those numbers, in the context of a home or space, allow the human to put an entire room into perspective.

What will fit where & why. Details to the exact millimeter & sometimes nanometer, provide the information or guidelines (only) to which greatness can be applied to create something – no matter how similar to other projects – that is one of a kind.

Measuring Sticks in Life are the same. Whether they are fellow humans, achievements or simply dreams, Measuring Sticks are here to give us perspective and provide us with tools to surpass what has now already been done.

Nothing more.

They cannot define you. Only you can define them. They cannot make you. Only you can design your own life.

So maybe, if you don’t know how to quantify or qualify something that you are dealing with – or someone else in your life is – than all you really need is something simple to give you a new perspective:

A Different Measuring Stick.