The 3 Confidences: The 3 Ingredients You Absolutely Need to Be the Greatest You Possible

March 20, 2015 Paradigm 0 Comments

Many of us throughout our lives are looking for something. That perfect technique to give us the edge. That network of individuals to whom all doors open. That secret recipe to greatness & success…

Well, luckily there is not just one. There are many – thousands upon thousands of things that seem little, but amount to more than you can ever imagine when combined with the right set.

One of these “secret recipes” that I have found in my time, I will be sharing with you right now.

I call it, the “Trinity of Confidence”.

These three types of confidences are the kind that when employed together & properly can change your life to any degree you so choose. They are the tripod upon which the core foundation of success can be built to the stars and beyond.

They are also simple in concept, and worth all the greatness they can help anyone achieve through the natural hardship we who seek greatness will go through anyway.

How you will master & apply them in your life is up to you, and your limitless desires & creativity. Yet, along the way there will be moments of clarity, where you will be able to feel the breaking of boundaries.

Now as an addition before I begin, I shall provide a bit of a reminder – for it is always better to be reminded than learn all over again.

All the important notes or concepts learned here or anywhere in your life can – and likely should – be applied everywhere.

So, to the three ingredients:

#1 ~ Confidence in Self

The first step in this recipe deals with the most important part of your life – the one piece that cannot be exchanged under any circumstances.


Confidence in Self, in yourself, is the starting point for all work, all success in life.

Are you imperfect? Yes. And you always will be…

And that reason alone is while you will never truly have a limit to what your capabilities.

The most important note when constructing the confidence you have in yourself is:

Never aim for perfection. Aim beyond it.

Once you are perfect, once anything is perfect, it is stagnant.

Perfection cannot improve. Perfection has no need to change. Perfection is perfect, and therefore limited to whatever that means at any given time.

It is being imperfect that is the truly greatest gift we could have ever been given. And that is why we are here, in the way and in the world we have been given.

The struggle of being imperfect is not only beautiful in its own way, but more beautiful than perfection can ever be – in both potential & real application in life.

So have confidence in yourself. True confidence, built on the foundation of your talents, skills & dreams.

If you do so, you will never find a chasm that you cannot cross.

#2 ~ Confidence in Others

Truly deep Confidence in Others, just like confidence in self, requires trust.

But, in a world of 7.2 billion people (and growing), how can we trust all those around us?

The answer is:

One shared experience at a time.
And to allow ourselves to engage in those experiences without worry – without masks of protection or cynical outlooks getting in the way – there is one thing we can do, before trusting their words & actions.

You & I, we can trust in another person’s ability to not only handle us as we truly are, but that when given a chance he or she is fully able to surprise us.

You are limitless – an infinitely capable being who will accomplish all things in which you do not get in the way of.

And so are all the others reading this text.

Don’t pretend.

You & Others, including the most vulnerable of us – our children, our elderly and most importantly ourselves – can all handle it.

We are hard-wired to succeed despite seemingly insurmountable odds, and we prove this to be so all the time.

It will never be easy, but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t try.

In doing so – in not trying, in not going for it – we are doing something unequivocally against our very nature as human. And when we fight within ourselves, only we carry the casualties but everyone in our lives carries the weight of them.

Remember, everything is possible for anyone…even if any one of us never decides to do make it a reality.

So show faith in whatever ways you can. People will surprise you, if you let them.

#3 ~ Confidence in the Rules – Whatever They are to You

First for this third section of the Trinity, I must emphasize something:

Confidence over Certainty.

“Confidence” is a belief & faith, in anything, despite the uncertainty.

“Certainty” is Arrogance right before it turns ugly.

There is no need to be certain about anything. The imaginary gains fall apart like sand in the wind.

Much better to have the Confidence to adapt than the Certainty to fall.

So, do not make the uncertain certain, just to make yourself feel better. For once you are certain, you are over-confident to the point that change, adaptation, growth all become next to impossible.

There is no need for Confidence, or anything really, once you are Certain. And that’s why it’s dangerous. Like all one-trick ponies, it hangs on to the fallacy it has been given even beyond the bitter end.

But if you have a good idea – backed up by experience & more – then anything is possible.

And that is key when dealing with Confidence in the things we cannot see or touch. Confidence in Rules, the ones you hold dear but do not need you to exist, is one of the hardest structures of trust to build.

To laws that are soul deep – that all beings are created equal, that every life is important, that tomorrow will happen with or without you – those supersede your approval but require your understanding, wish for your acceptance & desire your blessing.

There are some things in this world to which we can give, which we must give, a single thing before we can truly receive reward:

Faith. Confidence. Belief.

These ideas do not transcend the every day life we all live. They bring us higher.

And so have them, practice them, and please (for the love of all that is great & worthy of more) Enjoy them!

Advice as I end this missive:

Let yourself be seen & be willing to see others for who you & they truly are. Imperfect. Our greatest most important quality, the source of all our progress and power as a species, and one of the qualities that can only ever be disguised or masked by ourselves if we so choose to do so; and to any level.