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Trees that Aren't There

When I met Isaac, I was aware that I had some difficulty cutting through the jungle of life. What I quickly came to realize was that these “vines and trees” weren’t just in one area. Isaac helped me to see that it wasn’t so much that I was stuck in the jungle but that I refused to move forward. From a business and personal standpoint, Isaac helped me to finally move forward toward my goals and cut away the “vines” and avoid “trees” that really weren’t in my way. For that, I’m forever grateful and living a more successful life as a result of his coaching.

~ Kenneth A Spence
Evangelist | Worship Leader
Christian Life Coach & Counselor

A Casual Conversation, Worthy of a Testimonial

I have been an acquaintance of Isaac's for a few months, however, a conversation we had the other day truly changed my life. I knew Isaac to be a coach, and brought up some things that have been troubling me in a casual conversation. Lucky for me, Isaac was quick to call me out on my crap, diagnosing the very nature of my issues and what I need to do to get right. It was simple, yet revolutionary to me. We went on to have a pleasantly high-level conversation, very comfortable and enjoyable, so unlike the majority of my day-to-day interactions.

This made me realize what a benefit it would be, to be able to openly talk to someone about my goals, problems, and anything else. Especially someone who is specifically trained to do so. While everyone else in my life already has a concrete idea of what I should be doing and why, Isaac has an open mind and well-delivered advice. I'd truly recommend his services to anyone.

~ Cole Clark, 23
Young Man Who Is True to Himself Even When It Hurts | Future Leader

Group Roundtable Event

“As an entrepreneur, I found the No Limits Roundtable to be thought provoking and helpful in showing me what self-imposed obstacles I needed to work on to take my company to the next level. It was a life changing event and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to improve their lives.”

~ John Proctor
Stock Broker | Day Trader

We All Need Fellows & Mentorship

I met up with Isaac recently and in 1 hour everything changed. He understood me. The advice was amazing, it was very relevant and it actually solved the problems I was having. I had a lot of ideas but I did not know what to invest my time into the most (what sells) and I wasn’t sure about the order of things. Isaac gave me a sense of direction in my business. I now have a tangible, set game plan that I’m ready to implement. Whenever you know the next step, any task seems manageable. Moreover Isaac helped be realize and identify who my clients are and the challenges that I may face acquiring the cliental. Now I can strategize ahead. Overall it was an amazing experience talking to a remarkable human being that has already accomplished more than many achieve in a lifetime.

~ Dan Ginzburg, 01/08/2017
Law Student | Colleague in Changing the World | West Coast Life Coach

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