Paradigm Alchemy: Preseason Training Technique #1 ???????? Your World

March 20, 2015 Paradigm 0 Comments

Prior to the big game, you always warm up.

To the purpose of helping everyone out there, as a part of my series & blogging for the purpose of helping the world change, bit by bit, I will periodically be sharing techniques. Techniques that anyone can use – and the greatest of us, like Steve Jobs & Oprah Winfrey, already do – to be prepared to enhance your life beyond any limitations.

To warm up, before your own big game.

Today, specifically, I am going to teach you my Favorite & most widely used Technique for improving Your life.

You might say, “He’s giving away his best trick on the first go! He must be crazy!”

To which I would say with this very big smile, “Thank You for the compliment.”

Because, if crazy is helping people to the best of my abilities; if crazy is trusting people to do what is right for themselves & those they love & care about; if crazy is believing that people have not only the intelligence to understand, but the fortitude of character to apply what I say…

Then I will be crazy – and far more than just proud of it – for the rest of my life.

And that is not only the truth, but also my first Paradigm Alchemy technique.

Did you catch it?

If not you can always reread this short & sweet post. And I suggest you do so.

Not only because that will get me more hits; and I do appreciate them.

For all those who caught the technique, for those who are going to go back and replay it later, and/or are simply waiting for me to point it out, the technique I just used is my favorite for three reasons.

1. People do it every day of their lives, naturally.
2. By performing this technique on purpose, it allows for people to start taking control of their habits in a positive way.
3. 3. It’s simple.

This technique I’ve dubbed, “Redefine Your World”.

It requires only three things. It starts with whatever & whenever you like. And it has no boundaries or limitations – just like you.

First, take an idea, an object, or a piece of your life that is loaded with emotion.

Stress is always a good one to begin with, because for our whole lives the world has been telling us that “stress” is something that we don’t want. Yet, we still get it anyway and will likely continue getting it, which bothers us on multiple levels – at least until we learn how to utilize it.

That phrase is a good segway into the Second step/requirement:

A reason to change the definition of our emotion filled idea/object/etc.

Likely, “stress”, as you see it right now, is a bother; it detracts from your life, rather than adds to it. So since you are the master of your own mind & world that is a good enough reason to change it’s definition, wouldn’t you say?

Last, we need a new definition, which includes the first two requirements – emotion & reason – switched adapted to be positive.

An example of a Redefinition of Stress from the Dictionary published by You might be:
“Stress. Stress is a fuel for me to focus & succeed. It is free. It is a vast resource that is always readily available. It is handed to me everyday without any effort on my part. I am in control of it, just as an engine in a car is in control of the gasoline it burns. I use this fuel with care, no matter the source. And I use it with the purpose of helping myself & those I love. I am thankful for this fuel in my life, because it provides me with yet another tool for me to build my world as I wish.”

And there you have it. Your Life, Redefined.

Not only can you do this with every concept in your life, nor will you only feel vastly more satisfaction in life with every redefinition, but you can do all of this with only three steps – all logically applied in whatever way best suits you.

Redefine Your World is a simple technique – one that if applied correctly, will change not only the Paradigm of your life once, but every time you wish to use it.

Just remember, you reap what you sow.

Practice, and one day you will surpass all limitations.

Because, after all, limitations are merely stepping stones to your greatness, aren’t they?