Paradigm Alchemy: pre-season Technique #2 Staying Smooth & Cool…Even Face First with the Midday Sun

March 20, 2015 Paradigm 0 Comments

Just like the great song by Santana, staying smooth under all circumstances is only accomplished by the most elite & prodigious of society.

Luckily, there’s no reason we can’t all share those titles in this way.

We all know that you can’t stop everything bad from happening, but you can add a bit of “cool” before, during or after any situation and make the result – good or not so good – even better, every time.

Prediction is one of those ideas/terms that has been colored over the many years by all sorts of legitimate & illegitimate cultural supports. Prophets, oracles, fortune-tellers of all sorts throughout the breadth of humanity have given each of us our own opinion as to the concept of “prediction”.

Today, if you want it, I will give you control over the act of predicting your own future – and ultimately provide you a tool to use “prediction” to stay smooth & cool in any situation.

Yes, it’s that time again folks. It’s time to add another tool to your Life Toolbox, or whatever you might call it.

To accurately perform this technique you need only 2 things:

1. An Experience from the Past based in a Positive Emotion – Real or Made-up
2. Your Imagination

Though you technically also need a situation which you will be going into, I feel that as there is never any lack of possible experiences & no way to avoid all of them, it’s a bit redundant to include as a necessity for this technique.

And therefore, it’s a great place to start.

As stated above, whether before, during or after an event (big or small) occurs in your life – maybe a big business meeting, or the regular dinner with the in-laws – you can initiate this technique anywhere, with only a modicum of time. Give it a minimum of fifteen seconds, just to be on the safe side, once you get really proficient.

First, take a positive emotion that you feel would a great asset in the situation which you will, have, or are experiencing.

Classic easily remembered experiences with positive emotions are: Your best kiss, Making a great sale, and Waking up from the best sleep/rest of your life. However, please use whichever experience & emotion is specific best fitted to assist you – though don’t worry, any will do.

Next, really dive into that experience. Fully and as immersefully as you can. You can use questions to elicit the deepest experience, like:

What time is it in this past experience? Who is with me? What are we all wearing? Where am I? And the ultimate, “What makes this experience so great in my mind & memory?”

Now, once you’ve gotten a hold of that deep emotion – you are truly feeling it – it’s time to perform the 2nd step.

Using your mind, which you have already successfully used to bring up the past, engage it using your imagination in the future/“possible” tense.

Think about the situation you are about to go into, have already successfully survived, or are in the middle of right now, and think about how you can apply this emotion you are already feeling to this new experience.

How will it go while you are feeling this? How can you keep this feeling while fully engaged in this new situation? And finally, “What other emotions that you also want to feel can you get by using this feeling you’ve chosen?”

Your mind will do the rest, for just like any well-designed machine, once your prodigious source of all thoughts has been set to a task, it will fulfill that task to whatever degree you choose.

And to be perfectly honest, you already do this technique naturally. We all do. Every time you think about how well or poorly something is going, will go or has gone, your brain fills in all the blanks to make that happen.

I’ve just given you one way to take control of that program – to harness the power of the machine resting atop your shoulders encased in some of the hardest bones in your body, purposefully.

And it is my wish that you do so. Not only because I want you to succeed, but because (if I may be honest again) I am truly interested in what you will come up with – the amazing things you will create & the terrible ones you will destroy, by at least tapping one of the greatest resources you have.

So be smooth. Be cool. No matter what happens.