Maintaining Your Connections : Part Duex

March 20, 2015 Paradigm 0 Comments

Connections, relationships with the people around us, are some of our greatest privileges…and also, if we let them, they can become our greatest worries.

Worrying is like a rocking-chair, though. It’s fun to ride, but you never get anywhere.

Here’s the 2nd Rule to keep the Worries Away:

All “Connections” are eternally works-in-progress.

There is no end point in a Connection – no point in which you can stop participating & get any set level of output from your relationship with another person.

The strength of being weak, just like of being imperfect, is the strength & security that comes with the responsibility of always needing to improve & the bonus of being able to enjoy your improvement.

Once you & I accept that there will never be a point in which we are perfect or truly anything but “weak” in comparison to the greater universe around us, only than can your true strength shine without any limit or boundary. Only then can you take any train, any path, any dream to you ultimate destination.

Religion tries to help with that, and the more we discover through science the more it proves that this statement is correct.

The universe is more than man will ever know or understand.

Why is a sphere/circle the most common shape in the universe?

Because it is constantly open to attack & change from any angle, and in turn is adaptable to the same degree as it is confronted.

When is a lion or a person at its most dangerous?

When he, she or it is at its most vulnerable.

And coming to terms with this on a personal level will release all boundaries & limits in your mind & life.

This is particularly true in regards to the “Connections” you have, will have & wish to Maintain.

The Key to success with this Rule (#2), just so you know, is diving into your vulnerability and then putting it out there for all the world to see – rather than just numbing or avoiding it.

Something bad happens. Dive in.

Something good happens. Look at what risk & chance you took to learn why (the true source of vulnerability you used to make) it happened.

Add to that a necessary belief that you are worthy/deserving of all the things you never knew you wanted, as well as all the things that are in-between the stage of now & your inevitable success.

And Bingo Bengo~! You will feel freedom in a way you will likely not be able to explain.

Particularly in a few words…

At least until you try.