Except You

March 20, 2015 Paradigm 0 Comments

“There’s no such thing, as a sure thing.” One of our most treasured English phrases, with over 27.9 million hits on Google & a regular recurring cameo in movies or TV shows.

Unfortunately it is only correct 99.9% of the time.

There is always at least one thing in the universe that is a “sure thing”.

The fact that you will wake tomorrow the same person you went to sleep as:


They say the world can “change in an instant” let alone a full night. So it is therefore not uncommon that any one of us wakes up and decides – due to any number of factors that we went to bed with – that we want to change.

We will wake up not liking where we live or the decisions we’ve made. You will decide, “I will make this change.” And I will choose to never again “allow this to be a part of my world, my life.”

Yet, in the moment right before any of us makes this decision, we are still the same person.

That is a sure thing.

And that “sure thing” – that fact which makes us all the same, no matter where we are in our life – not only equalizes the playing field, but gives you & I (no matter our differences) the same ability:

To do whatever we like with the day ahead. To leave behind whatever past is now behind us. And to concentrate on where we can do the most good. The future, which is rushing at each of us at the exact same speed of 1,040.4 miles per hour.

That’s just over 17 miles per minute that every sixty seconds speeds by us.

What are you doing in those seconds?

What decisions are you making? What decision have you already made, and just need to act on?

The infamous character of my generation, Ferris Bueller, once said, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop & take a look around, every once and a while, you might miss it.”

In the context of how fast we are all truly moving – even in our sleep & without even recognizing it – it comes as to no surprise how quickly things really do change around us.

Yet, no one but you, can change what’s going on inside of you.

That speed is completely self-regulated.

Every day you choose as to what speed you want life to move, and most importantly in what direction.

So go ahead, take proactive control over the one “sure thing” in your life.

I know if you do, that you’ll be surprised at how much you can change – no matter how fast your life goes by…