Choice: Our Greatest Privilege in Disguise as Our Worst Suffering

March 20, 2015 Paradigm 0 Comments


What do you feel when you read that word to yourself?

Do you feel happiness? Do you love being presented with options?

Do you feel anxiety? Possibly you are anxious to know “what” choice you should/need to make?

Do you perhaps feel even a slight depression? Are you recalling past decisions, past choices and running their results as what will happen in the future with every choice you make?

Choice, in philosophical terms, is one thing that makes us undoubtedly self-aware as humans.

Yet, no matter what we think, “Choice” as an act is both unavoidable & neutral. Choice, as a concept, does not care what you do – go left, go right, get married, jump out of a plane… All of these actions are the same.

Just not to us.

But, what is it about choice, specifically that makes us have such an emotional reaction to simple facts? And, most importantly, how can we learn to use those “parts” of Choice to help us not only make Choices that we are happy with but see the entire process as a Privilege rather than a Curse.

Choice as a concept can be broken down into 3 parts:

1. Source Cause – Ie. a “question” or “situation” or “fact” that feeds energy into the process of making a Choice – without which we would never actually have the opportunity to Choose anything.
2. Deliberation – Ie. The time we spend thinking about all the factors which we know are involved in the process of making our Choice.
And Finally,
3. Our Choices – Ie. The actions or inaction we take in response, and which concludes the process.

To start at the end and work backwards, just for the fun of it of course, Choices are (with supreme likelihood) the number 2 source for our emotions; whether positive or negative.

The first reason is simple: Choices have consequences – both great & terrible.

The next reason, not so much simple as common. Choices have limitless off-shoots. The possibilities of the aftermath of any choice are literally infinite.

Movies/theories like the Butterfly Effect or 23 provide true clarity regarding the fact that ‘There is no definite answer as to the the longitudinal results of any choice ever made or that will ever be made, only probability.’

No one can predict the future, the present or the past.

Infinite possibilities ignite different reactions in every person – some feel excitement, some feel fear, some feel nothing. Yet, there is one true constant: There is always a reaction to this idea. As there must be.

The 3rd and most likely least emotionally stimulating – at least in comparison – is the Deliberation part of Choice.

That doesn’t mean it isn’t a powerful motivator, though.

Whether it is aggravation or adrenalin, merely the idea of thinking without having to deal with any consequences is very stimulating to the vast majority of us.

That’s why we love hypothetical games – board games being the greatest example across all of humanity, but not alone in the least.

Yet, the stimulation from Deliberation is nothing in comparison to the true dominant part of Choice: The Source for making it at all.

Not only do we, as a species, often spend a huge amount of time just thinking about where/how a Choice was instigated – in books, in daily conversation, and even in regards to the source of life itself – but we also seek out new questions, new sources, along that line of Choice to keep the whole process going – almost indefinitely!

Think about a conversation you had recently. How did you keep it going?

The likelihood is by asking deeper more refined questions of the Source (maybe a person or an inanimate fact/piece of information), and driving with ease & difficulty towards an end that you cannot have predicted perfectly.

More importantly: Why?

The ultimate driving force & source for human evolution. The great scientists, theologians, and philosophers all say that only because of this one question word (a fact forever unknown & with infinite depths) do humans continue to grow & change.

Without this question, we might never have graduated past our first stage of existence – whatever any individual believes that to be.

And that leads me to how exactly we can take each step in the process of Choice, and bend them not only to our will but to our benefit – regardless of the outcome & results.

We have to first accept that all Sources have the same exact birthplace:

Inside the part of you & all people that wishes & strives with nothing but positive intention.

Now that will obviously garner some immediate Choice & reaction, so go ahead…but when you get a second, stop & wait.

I’m not saying that all results are positive or negative. Neither am I saying that even the ongoing Choices made will be a great idea or lead to the best end for the individual making them.

I AM saying that no person aims for the negative purely for the negative’s sake. Many individuals, unfortunately, perform negative actions for the pleasure it brings them or others. However therein lies the foundation for the natural human law.

It’s a given that people will always aim towards what they feel will be positive for them – right or wrong, short-term or long-term, and happiness or sadness be what they sow in the end.

The reason for this “positive goal” perspective when it comes to the Source for our Choices is not to be naïve. I do not promote the act of people getting all euphoric over the innate angelic nature of man, in this way.

The reason is, honestly, for peace. Inner peace, or a calmness of the heart, mind & soul.

Calmness is the antithesis of agitation.

More importantly, from a still foundation any jump can be made as long as you have the right tools.

Which brings me to the Deliberation.

There are all kinds of ways to brain-storm, to think. However, just as when we took positivity as the birthplace for Choice, so to should we look forward to it’s end in the same way.

This is not a “think positive” cliché, if helpful, ideology.

Having positive thoughts or “always thinking positive” will not always provide the best, most effective answer.

Neither will only having positive intention – as has been proven in one of our oldest adages: “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

It is positivity itself – the fact that whatever you say, wherever you go with a conversation (even with yourself), and whatever end comes from a deliberation must be aimed at the greatest positive possible.

And if the “greatest positive possible” in any situation means that you have to throw away a lot of “good” ideas to get to a “great” one, only to eventually throw that away in favor of the “best, if only temporarily”…well, then positivity demands it, and so shall I do.

This part will become harder at first, particularly because throwing away something good goes against our learned human nature. But when it comes to the end, the Choice, it will prove amazingly easier.

Not because there will be less emotion involved, but because despite there actually being more in the process it will all be positive.

No more negative clouding up the issue, and driving people away from the truly most effective goal. Only positive, assisting in the process and making it far more enjoyable.

Even the “Devil’s Advocate” can be positive when utilized in this way – not simply a driving force behind making a choice, but a maximizing agent towards making the best one!

And ultimately, through this style of process, we will come to the ultimate part whose ultimateness will actually prove to not be so penultimate.

All wordplay aside, Our Choices are merely the beginning in a long string that will continue on till the end of our lives & even well beyond those of our children or theirs’.

So we need to stop acting like they are anything else. We cannot go back, and we cannot stay where we are. Forward, the future, will either come to us or we will go to it.

And, in turn, all we have to really decide is where are you going & do you want to go there?

You want a million dollar bank account? Great! And once you get there, what do you want next? A personal spaceship that you can live in, so you are prepared for the eventual apocalypse? Okay, interesting…Don’t know where you can go after that, but I’m sure that there’s an answer all your own.

Forget about realism! And instead, continue living in the reality that You create. Don’t pretend like somehow you aren’t in it for yourself. Own it. Own your future – even if your Choices change over time.

There is no quick path. There is only your path.

And, so Choose. Each day, in the smallest & biggest ways.

And if you do so with Positivity in your heart, mind & soul you will have nothing to fear.

Especially not Yourself.