Being a Whole Person: Rather than Living in Pieces

March 20, 2015 Paradigm 0 Comments

What is a “Whole”?

Through our collective experience as a greater culture, we have found that a “whole” is more than just the sum of it’s parts. It is the synergistic result that comes from the combination of parts that were meant to be together.

It is my statement that a “person” is no different than that – even if many of us try to live as the first, rather than thrive as the latter.

A person can never truly be great as a “whole” being – have a great “whole” life – until they start to live as a whole – not as pieces that just seem to have been haphazardly stuck together.

As parts we can only make it so far. But as a whole – imperfect as it always will be – we are more than enough for any purpose, dream or goal.

And so, when you start discussing a “part” of your life – or more importantly start thinking of any “part” – do not forget to remember & illustrate all the parts that help make that one currently on display, shine so brightly.

Recognize, and be proud to show & tell yourself as well as others how the humble purposeful efforts of all the great people in your life add up to make one great, whole, you!

You by yourself, just like any individual part of you, can be good all alone. But greatness, the truly amazing, comes from the combinations of things in your life.

Anyone can sell a million dollars in product or services given the right training & time (obviously), but only the amazing can make an office full of million dollar sellers.

Anyone can get married, but only the great can make a family.

Anyone can learn a language, but only two or more can have a talk that changes the world.

All accomplishments are achievable with all of who you are.

So don’t just enjoy being you, indulge in being you – all of you, no matter how many & how much that may include.