About Paradigm

evolving self-image and awakening dreams

Our Simple Mission

To Make Professional Mentoring Essential in the Lives of All People.


The history of Paradigm Life Coaching is a short one, for now, but with the aim of one day having a story that stretches far beyond the life time of it's Founder, Isaac J. R. Alston. Truly the origins of this company, currently well established only in Philadelphia region, started humbly & without intent in the shops, cafes & restaurants of Tokyo, Japan. From those spaces where wonderful changes occurred in the lives of many people from around the world, centered on the desires of the clients & their individual, unique lives the foundation of Paradigm Life Coaching was born. Today there are more of us, and with the correct application of aim, intent & development there will be evermore of those whom stand & strive for the same goals as the organization. With the wide variety of skills & specialties of all Coaches who through us actively pursue fulfillment in the greatness of humanity, we at Paradigm continue beyond our 5 years of development one action, one decision, and one life at a time.

Our Purpose

We here dedicate, for now & as long as we shall dare, through wholistic, versatile, and client centered coaching, to enhance the lives of all those we come across; with the intent of improving not only a life but all lives, with the knowledge that our world is subjective but reality is not, with understanding in our hearts & acceptance in our minds, with honest recognition of all traits as strengths & weaknesses, and with all of our power at the disposal of those who truly need it. Together we shall help make the imperfect become what it was always meant to be: Better than perfection ever could be.