A S.T.O.U.T. a Day keeps the Blues Away: Start Telling Others Uplifting Things

March 20, 2015 Paradigm 0 Comments

It’s been said for a very long time by cultures all around the world, that when you smile those who see it (even indirectly) smile with you.

But, does it work like a good drink at the end of the day?

No, it works BETTER.

As a true fan of the deep & dark libation known today as the “stout”, one of the many derivatives from hops, I also know very well the affect that a nice smooth ale can have at any time of the day.

And I tell you, that the affect – as grand & almost sacred as it is – is nothing in comparison to the continuous, residual and compound affect of being uplifting.

To those around us there is no greater quencher of thirst for positive human contact, and for ourselves there is very little that can compare to the energy boost we feel from bringing value & completion to those around us.

It’s almost disconcerting on how ‘high’ we can get off of this “never unavailable or inappropriate” libation.

No matter how loathe I am to say this about the drink of the gods that has been dubbed the stout by us mortals, there are true consequences for drinking alcohol; no matter how much. More importantly, there is also a limit that any person can take before those consequences take a truly dark turn.

But a smile goes on forever.

It never dries up. It never runs out. It never wakes up on the floor NEXT TO a perfectly comfortable couch with a hangover…

And neither does a true compliment, or a positive remark.

Now, I’m not telling you to look at someone you hate and lie.

What I am saying, is to look at every person knowing that there is something positive about them.


Because, if only a little, it will make the Blues go (or better yet Stay) away.

Also, did you ever hear the phrase, “birds of a feather, flock together?”

Well, a bit of news that is as great as it is terrible.

That turn of phrase is true on every level and in every area of life.

Those who are sad attract not only those who are sad, but pull in more people to be sad with them. Those who are angry or irritated attract those who are angry and also inspire anger.

Think of a crowded room, and fill in the blank of what the general “feel” is – happy, fun, bored, uncomfortable.

All things attract those things like it.

That’s what the Law of Attraction really is on the most base application. We provide what we truly want to receive; like it or not.

So take a look at those around you, be honest to yourself about them – truly honest, even if you don’t like everything you realize – and then say it.

Eventually, if you apply the great teaching of all religions – “Treat thy neighbor as you would have yourself treated.” – you’ll not only become the source of those practical & positive comments, but you’ll be the steady recipient of them.

As well, more people will want to be attracted to you.

So take the smile to the next level, and STOUT. Truly give someone else a lift – not just a token one, but one you actually believe and feel is true.

At least once a day.

Not only will it uplift them, but it will do the same to you.

You’ll be surprised at how much of an affect it will have short, mid & long term.

Did I mention to do it once a day, you great, wonderful & limitless person you?