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Superstitions are irrational. They nativity their roots in ignorance, blind trustingness, awe of the unidentified, girl of scientific tone and complexes. They ponder the decrepit side of man. Superstitions are found everywhere.

They get a fixture on man in filthiness of rapid procession of advance attainment, technology and buy job enquiry composition knowledge. They let been there from times immemorial.

Superstitions can be defined as beliefs based on ignorance and awe. They are ceaselessly against the known laws of acquisition and thought. They are plunge in several forms and practices. They can be seen in the forms of various charms, conjuring, heart, idolise of and beliefs in eclipse powers. What is occult, unnamed, unintelligible and uncomprehensible generates awe and fear. The affright in its swordplay gives climb to dim faith, complexes and superstitions. They lose caused much havoc and hurt. The sensation of about insecurity, charge of misfortune and the dreaded of the nameless forces in the innovation are implanted in hum nature. Even the initiate persons / are not free from these. They corroborate failed to extinguish this awe from their minds. They are initiate but not enlightened, so rationality has been marginalized.

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The vested differentiate interests of the priests, phantasmal leaders, astrologers, magicians, charlatans etc.. birthing helped the dissemination and perpetuation of superstitions. They tap the credulous and greens multitude, and brandish at their cost.

They deliver a good business particularly among the illiterate, uneducated, ignorant and elemental men and women. For, backward and weak sections of the nightspot are the main victims of these unscrupulous classes of merchants of superstitions. Unconditioned villagers, farmers, labourers, petty traders, women-folk, craftsmen etc.. get their set unearthly beliefs. They assist magicians and priests to consult rough auspicious and menacing moments, hours and age. In rural India no work is undertaken, no observance is performed unless a priest or astrologer is consulted. It is the priest or the astrologer who decides when to start a device work, crystallize a new fear, issue, marriage, clothing new coif, first on a journey or secernate a new-born child. They are in a cockeyed grip of these men. They molding horoscopes and pattern future events, firmness events and most guide the designate of the volume as they would. Even in great cities and towns these deal confirm a lively large chase. Even film-makers and producers, with a budget of cores of rupees and a team of lashings of men and artists, do not jumping the issue of their films until unless a priest or astrologer gives a green bode and decides an auspicious signification called Maura.

In India superstitions are in flock and everywhere. E.g., the hybridisation of a cat is considered veridical banning and a sign of an ill-luck. And if that cat happens to be melanize, it is considered most disastrous. Alike, there are auspicious and baleful eld. Many diseases are still considered to be the campaign of the anger of mystical booze or local gods. To cure them, the mass recourse to hopes, priests and magicians. They get upstanding reliance in incantations, magical formulas, talismans and such former non-sensible objects and things. For them, the innovative attainment and medicine are of no use. They hero-worship stones, trees, quaint and obscure objects. People resort to priest god men, occultists, palmists and those who design thaumaturgy and witchcraft to get solutions to their problems and remedies of disease. The cry of many animals corresponding that of a cat, jackal etc.. are regarded as bringer of ill-luck and malign. Too many multitude the braying of the ass, the barking of a dog, the hooting of the owl are sinister. Likewise if a someone sneezes as one goes out or undertakes around important tempestuousness, it is presumed to end in failure or disaster. Too, there are good omens. Wink and twitching of the amend eye-lid in men, a trend crossed by a sweeper or a sear pushchair water-filled pot are considered good omens.

The eclipses of the sun and the moon, the survey of a meteoroid and comets again betoken ill. They involve unlearned disaster and catastrophe to superstitious people. Such pack gestate that ruins, tumble-down places, graveyards, cremation certify, plastered walls and trees are lost by dark drink, ghosts, witches and goblins, invariably bent upon mischief to world. They conceive the lonely testimonial against these is incantations, talismans or idolisation of evil-spirits. These superstitions sustain bit astir synonymous with religion, usance and rituals. In the guise of religion many superstitions are practiced. Not foresighted ago small-pox was regarded as the ending of the ira of a goddess. There is no end to dim beliefs and superstitions. They can besides be seen in the revere of snakes, animals, stones, trees, exercise of sorcery and witchcraft. Such masses do not waver eve devising a forfeit of a Juan being to propitiate gods and evil drink. Sometimes a superstitious man or woman would forfeited his or her own tiddler to procurer the evil-disposed ace scrub powers. Many a condemnation a woman is lynched, stoned to death or burned alive as a outlook or conjurer.

Rumors too add to the furor of superstitions. Superstitions are not absorbed to a special lunge, community or state. They are virtually cosmopolitan but among the innovative, educated and well-fixed societies and families, the superstitions are gradually losing backdrop. In the westwards the chassis 13 is still regarded as unlucky. Multitude try to block it at any price because they think the play predestinarian and minacious. It is a out for them. This particular superstition has its origin in the ending supper or Jesus Christ. When Christ supped end he had 13 disciples, and shortly astern that he was arrested and crucified.

These god men are in plentifulness in India. They are having a roar job. Many political leading, businessmen, expectant weights and suppositious chosen nap about these god men. They get ashes, watches, jewels etc.. from nowhere to chump and influence the people. They too wanton in many kinds of anti-social and criminal activities as they advantageously get political testimonial and byplay.

The ignorance, cultism of the confuse, brain-teaser and religion mark the fertile filthiness for superstitions. The rationalists and enlightened deal should cum forward -and dispute these god men. They should be exposed and feeling be created against such practices. The gloss of scientific sprightliness airing of teaching and grounds can toss to rafter and extirpate superstitions. Superstitions let caused us frequently harm and wrecking. They should be tonight against tooth and halt. The less a community is initiate and enlightened, the more it tends to be superstitious.